Discover the Bells and Whistles of Motorized Window Treatments

At Wessco Blinds, we love everything about window treatments, sometimes maybe even more than we should. But when it comes to motorized window treatments, we think you will agree that there is a lot to love.

Bring Windows Back Within Reach

Most homes have one or more windows that are hard to reach. They may be in a two-story living room, behind a piece of furniture, or on the other side of a garden tub. These windows tend to either not have coverings at all, or they have a blind or shade that stays in the same position, regardless of the time of day or the season.

With motorized window treatments, even windows that are hard to reach become functional again. Put an automated honeycomb shade over the window by the tub to give you privacy when you need and allow the sun to come in when you don’t. Use motorized horizontal blinds to protect your living room furniture by tilting the slats and sending damaging UV rays from the midday sun elsewhere.

Save Time and Energy with Motorized Window Treatments in Seattle, Washington

If you added up the amount of time you have spent opening and closing your window treatments over the years, you would probably be amazed. Window treatment motorization gives you the ability to open and close multiple window coverings at the same time. Not only will you save time by not having to do them individually, you also save the aggravation of trying to get them all in the exact same position. Motorization also makes it easy to adjust large blinds or shades that were nearly impossible to maneuver manually.

In addition to saving your personal energy, automated window fashions can also save the energy you use to heat or cool your home. With PowerView® Motorization, you can set your window treatments to automatically adjust to block out the winter breeze at night or the summer sun during the day, even if you aren’t home. Or if the weather changes unexpectedly while you are at work, you can use your smartphone to change the position of your shades or blinds.

Provide Extra Security for Your Home

Another great benefit to motorized window treatments is their ability to make your home look occupied, even when it isn’t. Set your window treatments to move by themselves while you are at work or on vacation to trick would-be thieves into thinking someone is home and send them packing. You can also move them at various times throughout the day or week with your tablet from anywhere, as long as you have wi-fi.

Now that we have you intrigued, stop in to Wessco Blinds to learn more about motorized window treatments in Seattle, Washington and the complete Hunter Douglas line we offer. We have been serving Seattle, Washington and the surrounding areas for over 30 years. We look forward to helping you create the best solution for your window coverings.