Options for Hanging Custom Shutters

Custom shutters are better than off-the-shelf blinds because they are made specifically for your windows. That means you can decide whether you want them to hang inside or outside, how you want them open, and how many shutters you want in each window. They are also perfect for windows that are an unusual shape or size, and even work well on French doors and as closet doors.

How to Mount Custom Shutters on Your Windows

Custom shutters can be hung on the inside or outside of your window trim. To help you decide, look at your window trim. If you have decorative or ornate trim, you may want to mount your shutters on the inside of the window so your trim can continue to shine. Mounting them inside also makes sense if you’re planning on hanging them with decorative valances or drapes. If your trim is less attractive, or even non-existent, mounting your shutters on the outside of the window may be the better option.

Something else to consider is how many plantation shutters you want per window and how they will be hinged. The most common style currently is to have one shutter hung on each side of the window and they meet in the middle. However, this arrangement doesn’t work in all situations. If you have a large window, you may want to have four shutters that are hinged in pairs to make them easier to adjust. Or if your window is smaller, one shutter that covers the entire window and opens to one side may be more appealing.

Operating Systems for Custom Shutters in Seattle Washington

Bi-fold Track – If you want to hinge multiple shutters together, the bi-fold track is a great operating system. It has a top track that keeps up to six hinged shutters in line when opening and closing them. This is also a good option for closet doors.

Bypass Track – This operating system allows shutters to slide one behind the other on a top track even with the louvers open. Use this system on windows that open to the side, to cover your sliding glass doors, or to close up a closet.

Hinged Panels – This traditional operating system is available on all Hunter Douglas window shutters. Shutters are hinged to your window trim or a frame within the trim and open from the middle of your window into your room. They can be opened all the way to lay flat against the wall, assuming there are no obstructions.

Although often called plantation shutters, Hunter Douglas shutters work well in any home style. They offer a variety of light control and privacy options, are easy to maintain, and come with a limited lifetime warranty. If you are interested in custom shutters in Seattle, Washington, visit Wessco Blinds or call to schedule an in-home appointment. We have been serving Seattle, Washington and the surrounding areas for over 30 years.