Options for Hunter Douglas Shades

Unlike with blinds or shutters, there is much more variety within the category of “shades” than almost any other category of window treatments. Because of this, deciding that you want shades for your home doesn’t entirely end your decision-making process. Particularly from Hunter Douglas, there are many different options to consider when you decide that you want to purchase shades. Because this can seem somewhat daunting, the professionals at Wessco Blinds in Seattle, Washington are here to help you make your choice.

Option #1: Sheer Shadings

If you had considered draperies for your home but decided on harder window treatments instead, you don’t have to totally give up the design sensibilities and light filtration properties of draperies. Sheer shadings from Hunter Douglas are a great compromise between those two different styles of window treatments. Made of the vanes that many of us recognize from blinds, sheer shadings are also comprised of sheer panels of fabric. Because of this, the light that comes through your sheer shadings will be filtered rather than blocked, resulting in a softer, diffused natural light entering your home. If you sleep during the day, these window treatments won’t be for you, but anyone who wants a soft, romantic touch added to a space will love these.

Option #2: Honeycomb Shades

Many of us are very conscious of our energy bills, and for good reason. They can be one of the largest recurring payments we make in our homes, and as we incorporate more and more technology, this will only continue to rise. So if you are looking for ways to cut the money you are spending on your energy bill, we have an unlikely solution: honeycomb shades. With their unique design, the pockets built into honeycomb shades trap air that would be entering or leaving through your windows. By doing this, they actually help to insulate your home, keeping the temperature inside more regular and allowing you to leave your thermostat be and lower your energy bill.

Option #3: Roller Shades

If you want a window treatment that you don’t have to fuss with, or you have children who you want to be able to control the window treatments in their room, roller shades are a great choice. Their design is both easy to use and sleekly modern looking, so don’t feel like you will be sacrificing style for convenience. They are also available in a UV resistant style so you will be able to protect your home and furniture from the sun’s harmful rays.

Option #4: Roman Shades

If you want the ultimate in luxury for your shades, then Roman shades are going to be the ideal option for you. Made out of luxe fabrics, Roman shades are available in a large selection of prints, patterns, and textures. They also are available with matching cornices, trims, and tapes, so if you truly want to make a bold statement with your window treatments, choose Roman shades.

Have you found the ideal Hunter Douglas shades for your home? If you have, please stop by Wessco Blinds’ showroom in Seattle, Washington to order yours today. We also proudly serve the surrounding area.