Should I Choose Faux, Wood, or Aluminum Blinds?

When choosing blinds in Seattle, Washington, the most important thing you have to decide is which material works best for you. You have to select blinds that meet all of the needs you have for your window treatments to make sure you are fully satisfied with your windows. Wessco Blinds wants to make this decision easier for you by outlining the differences so you can choose the best window treatment for your home.


Faux blinds or vinyl blinds, are an extremely versatile and affordable product. Faux blinds are made from synthetic materials so they are more durable and perfect for homes with children or pets who could be rough on your window treatments. In addition to the durability of their materials, faux blinds are moisture resistant and can be used in humidity conditions of all kinds. Faux blinds are incredibly easy to clean. The cleaning process is actually as simple as wiping them down with a damp cloth and never having to worry about the delicacy of the materials. Hunter Douglas offers three styles of faux blinds, EverWood® TruGrain® , EverWood® Distinctions™ , and the EverWood® Renditions™ , all of which come in a range of colors and stains to fit exactly what you need.


Wooden blinds will allow you to incorporate the classic elegance of genuine wooden window treatments with the functionality of blinds. Available in many different styles for you to choose from, like the Parkland® Scenic, Classics™ , Textures, Ash, and Weathered, wooden blinds can be customized in the color and stain choices to suit your every design need. Wooden blinds offer great levels of light filtration and insulation for the home without the need of additional layers of window fashions for privacy. But, wooden blinds are also versatile enough for you to incorporate drapery and valances into your window treatments if you so choose. Wooden blinds, if properly sealed, will work in varying levels of humidity within the home, but must be treated more delicately when being cleaned to avoid scratching or ruining the stain and seal.


Aluminum blinds offer the most color choices for your home. Aluminum blinds, unlike faux or wood blinds are painted. Because of this, you have the option to choose almost any color that you could want for your window treatments. Aluminum blinds are available in styles like Reveal® , Natural Elements™ , Lightlines® , and Décor® , all of which offer a different look to your blinds. Aluminum blinds are available in a range of sizes and widths and can be custom fit to work with oddly shaped windows if need be. Aluminum blinds are incredibly durable and will last inside your home for a long time without losing their easy functionality Aluminum blinds will withstand the wear and tear of your home, remain looking beautiful for years to come, and allow you to direct light exactly how you need it. In addition, aluminum blinds will not warp or crack from high humidity or heat in your home, and will not discolor from sunlight.  


If you still have questions about which is the right style of blind for your home, contact Wessco blinds, serving Seattle, Washington and the surrounding areas, and we can help you choose the perfect window treatment.