Should I Choose Vertical or Horizontal Blinds?

Rather you choose vertical or horizontal blinds, you are making an excellent choice on both the functionality and style front. Blinds are a great choice for any home. They are easy to use, have been in style for hundreds of years, and come in a variety of materials and colors that will leave you unrestricted in your options. But, choosing the style of blinds you want in your home can be a tricky decision. Let Wessco Blinds, serving Seattle, Washington and the surrounding areas, help you choose the perfect style of blind by showing you the benefits of both the horizontal and vertical styles. Wessco Blinds will give you all the information you need to make the best decision for your window treatments.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a great choice for large, wide, or tall window expanses in the home. They are also a great choice for sliding glass doors and porches. Because vertical blinds operate from only a top track, they are especially ideal for sliding glass doors and porches because they can be pushed to the side without needing to move the entire window treatment. Even though vertical blinds are easily opened and closed, they still diffuse light and block heat from entering or leaving the home. Vertical blinds are available in vinyl, fabric, and sheer and are then available in many different colors and textures depending on the style you choose. There are five different styles of Hunter Douglas vertical blinds all of which are uniquely different. IN addition to the style aspect, vertical blinds are also available with traditional operation systems, like a wand control system or advanced systems like PowerView™ Motorization.

Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds work well on any traditionally shaped window in the home. Horizontal blinds are the perfect choices for windows and doors that face north or south because the angle of the slats can be adjusted to better block sunlight from those directions. Horizontal blinds give you a lot of light options in your home. You can keep the blinds closed for darkness and privacy, you can tilt the vanes to direct light upward or downward to spread light around your home, or you can raise the horizontal blinds entirely to allow for the most natural light. Because of this excellent light control, horizontal blinds are a great choice in bedrooms, bathrooms, and living areas. Hunter Douglas has fourteen different styles of wood, aluminum, and vinyl blinds for you to choose from, all of which are constructed from the finest materials and finishes for a product that you will surely love. In addition to the wide color and size options, vertical blinds can be paired with almost any operation system that works the best for your home. Rather you choose a standard cordlock system or something more advanced like the cord free, SImpleLift™ system, your blinds will keep you happy in both their beauty and functionality for many years to come.  


If you still have questions about blinds in Seattle, Washington, Wessco blinds has all of the answers. Contact us today to get started on selecting the best Hunter Douglas window treatment for your home!